Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Siddha Mangal Pujan (Mars Pujan)

Siddha Mangal Puja (Mars Puja)
Mangal Pujan
Mangal Puja is Beneficial for Security, Mangal Dosha, insecurity, feeling stress, problems in marriage problems. Lord Mangal is also known as Planet Mangal or Planet mars. (Mars) also known as Kuja and angaraka. Astrologically Mars is seen as a cruel planet. A person under the effect of this planet has a tendency to suffer through accidents, robbery, attack, or imprisonment, crime. This planet (Mars) is usually detrimental and is often worshipped so that one can become free of its detrimental effects. One can wear red to help ward off the effects of this planet. If a leader starts a war on this day, he will be victorious. However, one should not start an auspicious activity on this day. Performing Mangal Puja can reduce the troubles and hurdles caused due to malefic position of MARS. Its malefic position may result in the cruelness and anger to the native. An astrologer recommends mangal Puja to minimize the tribulations of the malefic Mars in the horoscope. Mangal Grah is the Lord of vrcchik and mesh rashi. We are performing this puja for you in tantrik methods.