Friday, November 28, 2008

Siddha Copper Akarshan Yantra

Akarshan Yantra
Siddha Akarshan Yantra
This Akarshan Yantra charged by kaamdev mantra. Siddha Akarshan Yantra is used to attract a particular person or everyone in general. Siddha Akarshan Yantra increase one's attraction & personality in such a way that people are drawn towards you and get influenced. Siddha Akarshan Yantra is quite potent and has a hypnotic effect on the other person and can be used to have cordial relations with others, win favors from them, especially in one's profession, or to create affection in their hearts & minds. Siddha Akarshan Yantra is used for attaining love of opposite sex and for universal love, the Yantra acts in a miraculous way.