Friday, November 28, 2008

Siddha Copper Meru Yantra

Meru Yantra
Siddha Meru Yantra
Beneficial for...good fortune and luck.
This Siddha Meru Yantra charged by Vishnu Mantra. Meru Yantra is also called the Kurm Shree Yantra and is said to be the oldest yantra created by Guru Dattatreya for the welfare of the common man. This Siddha Meru Yantra is mounted on the back of a tortoise and looks similar to the dome of a temple. It blesses the worshiper with good fortune and luck. The Kurm Yantra is made of brass and weights about 100 - 250 grams. This Siddha Copper Meru Yantra is for Wealth and Peace in the Family.