Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Siddha Maata Gayatri Raksha Kavach

Mata Gayatri Raksha Kavach
Siddha Maata Gayatri Raksha kavach
Beneficial for.... All kind of Security, solvation, This raksha kavach is only for vegetarians person.
This siddha Gayatri Raksha kavach charged by Mata Gayatri Mantra. Originally the personification of the mantra, the Maata Gayatri is considered the veda mata, the mother of all Vedas and the consort of the God Brahma and also the personification of the all-pervading Parabrahman, the ultimate unchanging reality that lies behind all phenomena. Gayatri Veda Maata is seen by many Hindus to be not just a Goddess, but a portrayal of Brahman himself, in the feminine form. Essentially, the Goddess (Maata) is seen to combine all the phenomenal attributes of Brahman, including Past, Present and Future as well as the three realms of existence. Maata Gayatri is also worshipped as the Hindu Trimurti combined as one. In Hinduism, there is only one creation who can withstand the brilliance of Aditya and that is Maata Gayatri. Some also consider her to be the mother of all Gods and the culmination of Lakshmi, Parvati and Sarasvati.This Gayatri Raksha kavach only for vegetarian's person.