Friday, June 5, 2009

Siddha Saubhagya (Good Luck) Mala/Rosary

Saubhagya (Good Luck) Mala/Rosary
Siddha Saubhagaya (Good Luck) Mala/Rosary
Beneficial for.......... Protection from all kinds of Obstacles which is facing your husband, Success in husband-Wife Relationship.
This Saubhagaya (Good Luck) Mala/Rosary is charged by Lakshmi-narayana (125000 chant) mantra. This is mostly useful for women's only. From this Mala you protect all obstacles which is facing your husband. Keep this Siddha Saubhagaya (Good Luck) Mala/Rosary on worship place. Wear this Mala when your husband is facing such kinds of problems.