Monday, January 19, 2009

Siddha Ganesh Shankhas

Siddha Ganesha Shankhas
Beneficial for Starting Business, Good Luck, Family Peace, Success in Abroad.
This Ganesha Shankha charged by Akdanta mantra. Ganesha Shankhas is another precious and largely worshiped shankha. This shankha represents Lord Ganesha and is worshipped to remove obstacles, for learning, for success, for good luck and prosperity to family. This shankha is considered a very auspicious item for protection from evil effects and is to get good luck and prosperity to family.Siddha Ganesha shankha is best when kept in the Pooja Ghar (place of worshipping) daily or on all auspicious occasions and during religious festivals. It can also be kept in the locker of the house so that the family never faces any dearth of money. However it should be kept on red cloth in the worship room or wrapped in red cloth if kept in a locker.Siddha Ganesha shankha is a very rare item and hence considered very lucky. Every house should have Siddha Ganesha Shankha to protect it from evil effects, to get wealth and prosperity. It is said that Ganesha Shankha increases the strength of character, mind, enhances confidence and helps in achieving happiness, fame and good health. If Siddha Ganesha Shankha is used in daily worship, there can be no doubt that the worshipper of this conch shell is blessed with healthy and long life of nobility, wisdom, scholarship, entrepreneurship, foresight and resourcefulness. From Vastu point of view, this Shankha attracts business luck from overseas and arguments the chances of traveling abroad.