Monday, January 19, 2009

Siddha Tantrik Nariyal (Tantrokta Nariyal)

Siddha Tantrik Nariyal
Siddha (Tantrokta Nariyal)
Placing a 3 Tantrokta Nariyal at home means success in Spiritual Spheres as well. To such a Sadhak success in Sadhanas comes faster.
Children become intelligent and pure hearted if a 3 Tantrokta Nariyal is placed at home.
Placing Tantrokta Nariyal in one's house leads to financial gains.
It clears off all Evil effect and Evil Eye of base rituals.
Using 3 tantrik nariyal It also keeps Evil, Spirits, Blackmagic Effects and Ghosts away.
Placing the 3 tantrik Nariyal at home makes the home pure and sacred. One has sudden monetary gains too.
Placing 3 nariyal it at home leads to happiness in family life.
One is ever protected from fear, diseases and sorrows if 3 nariyal is placed at home.
If 3 Tantrokta Nariyal is dropped into a copper tumbler containing water and the water is sprinkled around the house there remains no fear of any illness.
If one bathes with water in which a 3 Tantrokta Nariyal has been immersed then one becomes free of ailments.
If 3 Tantrokta Nariyal is tied in a red cloth hung from the ceiling it leads to inflow of wealth into one's house.
Disputes at home can be put to an end with the help of a 3 Tantrokta Nariyal and thus peace can be made to reign.