Friday, July 3, 2009

Siddha Bhagyodai Special Copper Yantra

Bhagyodai Special Yantra
Siddha Bhagyodai Copper Yantra
Beneficial for.......... Good Luck at Your Every Moment.
This Bhagyodai Yantra is charged by Ganesha mantra. Bhagyodai Yantra is for prosperity. Bhagyodai Yantra For Changing one's Luck This Siddha Bhagyodai Yantra is obtained when luck favors a person. It is seen that many times one is not able to attain to success in life, in business, in job, in studies and in Sadhanas in spite of the best of efforts. The reason could be to bad Karma of past lives. If the fortune favors a person then he can succeed even without making any efforts. This Siddha Bhagyodai Yantra can make your fortune change for the better, for it has been prepared in Navratris and imbibed with divine energy. Keep this Siddha Bhagyodai Yantra on worship place or keep in purse/pocket while you going to special meeting.