Friday, July 3, 2009

Siddha Mata Bhavani Special Copper Yantra

Mata Bhavani Special Yantra
Siddha Maata Bhawani Copper Yantra
Beneficial for......... Removing Hidden Enemy and Black Magic Effects.
This Bhawani Yantra is charged by Durga mantra. This Siddha Bhawani Yantra is for the worship of Durga, and eliminates the effects of black magic & other negative influences/powers. Siddha Bhawani Yantra is particularly useful & essential during the present 'Kalyuga'. This Siddha Bhawani Yantra also eliminates the harmful effects of 'Mangal' and bestows the user with good luck. Keep this Siddha Bhawani Yantra on worship place or keep in purse/pocket while you going to meeting.