Saturday, July 4, 2009

Siddha Maata Katyayani Special Copper Yantra

Maata Katyayani Copper Copper Yantra
Siddha Shri Mata Katyayani Special Yantra
Beneficial for.......... Delay marriage, Easy to find a Good Soul Mate, Increasing Positive Thinking.
This Siddha Shri Katyayani Yantra charged by Nav -Durga Mantra. Shri Katyayani yantra is blessed by Goddess katyayani and is specifically worshiped to obtain a partner of one's choice. This Siddha Shri Katyayani yantra is worshiped by couples who are facing problems in getting married and also in married life. This Siddha Shri Katyayani yantra blesses the couples with a fruitful marriage. Keep this Siddha Shri Katyayani Yantra on worship place or keep in pocket/purse while you going to special meeting.