Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Siddha Vaastu Feng-Shui Bell

Vastu Feng Shui Bell
Siddha Vaastu Feng Shui (Tibetan) Bell
Beneficial for.... Home, Office and Remove Negative Energy,
This Feng Shui Bell is charged by Ganesha mantra. This massive Siddha Feng Shui Bell with Puja Stick is very ornate and the sound is simply amazing. Siddha Feng Shui Bell has a very clear ring, and the tone goes on forever. This Siddha Feng Shui (Tibetan) Bell is made of the seven Planetary metals. The Siddha Feng Shui (Tibetan) Bell and Puja stick are two items traditionally used by many spiritual traditions throughout the East. The bell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect of the divine while the Puja stick represents the creative and forceful male energy. During ceremonies and rituals the bell is held in the left hand while the stick is in your right hand. As the sound of the bell resonates the bell and stick balance the negative with the positive to harmonize ones life and surroundings. These Siddha Feng Shui (Tibetan) Bell are also used for space clearing in Feng Shui.