Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Siddha Havan Samagri

Havan Samagri
Siddha Havan Samagri
Beneficial for Havan Samagri..... homam, yagya and ahuti.
This Havan Samagri is charged by Ganesha mantra. A complete set for doing Havan. Containing all the Siddha essential havan samagri in reasonable quantities. Siddha Havan Samagri available in 1/2 kg. The Siddha Havan Samagri is very sacred and each item is significant. Puja Samagri normally consists of a mixture of sandalwood powder, harbal powder, lobaan and ghee. Havans are age-old sacred rituals to invoke and propitiate various deities using the sacred fire as a medium for the attainment of various wishes and boons in the materialistic and the spiritual world as well. Beneficial for.....
Cleansing of the atmosphere
Cleansing of the physical and psychic bodies
Awakening of auspicious energies
Enabling mystical experiences
Invoking grace of God in our Lives
Havan is a scientific procedure, which is associated with the science of mind and soul. This science was realized by our great rishi-munis or seer scientists in Vedic times, through their mind power.