Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Siddha Star Faced Brass Niranjan

Star Faced Niranjan
Siddha Star Faced Niranjan
Beneficial for.... Doing Puja, Prayer and Sadhana.
This Star Niranjan is charged by Ganesha mantra. A slightly different version of the popular Niranjan, though this traditional worship Lamp too has the similar features as the other Niranjan and can hold five cotton wicks at a time thus giving a lot of light while doing your daily or special festive Pooja. This Siddha Star Niranjan is also made of pure brass Niranjan and is also an integral part of any festive ritual or a Puja. You can perform the daily Aarti or Puja with this decorative wick-lamp holder in which you can light five wicks placed in oil or ghee. Having multiple wicks instead of a single wick enables the image of God being worshipped to be illuminated completely. Siddha Star Niranjan is beautifully created from the finest pure brass giving a lustrous and superb finish and if finally treated with a lacquer coating to prevent it from tarnishing. This Niranjan has a multipurpose use as it can be placed in the temple of your home or in any other corner of the room for an alluring radiance spreading through out your home thus bringing peace and prosperity in your life.