Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Siddha Brass Puja Thaali

Brass Puja Thaali
Siddha Brass Puja Thaali
Benefecial for Lakshmi puja, Devi puja,Kuber puja,Ganesh Puja and for all Goddess puja.
This Brass Puja Thaali charged by Ganesh mantra.Siddha Brass Puja Thaali is one of the Panch Dhaatus or five metals sacred to the Gods. This Brass Thaali for performing the Laxmi Puja or worship of Goddess Laxmi, contains (clockwise): a kalash or vessel for holding the milk-and-water mixture, a bell, a bowl to hold the prasada or sweetmeat offering, a container with lid for vermilion powder, a diya to hold the cotton wick flame and an incense stick holder.