Monday, December 15, 2008

Siddha Khadau

Siddha Wood slippers/Khadau
Beneficial for... Stop coming negative energy in your body and sadhanas.
Khadau is a type of wooden slipper in the shape of a flat wooden base with a toe hold sticking out. Kepp this Siddha Khadau in your worship place. Khadau was traditionally considered to be the slipper of Lord Ram, known as "Charan Paduka" and hence can also be kept in pooja room as a symbol of god's feet. These khadaus symbolize God's presence and daily worship of these slippers help to maintain piety in life and house. These slippers are also worn by priests and Brahmins, in temple or other religious places, but once worn these are not suitable for pooja purposes. In that case, a person should use a different pair for puja purposes. Nowadays, besides the wooden padukas, various other materials like precious metal, wood mixed with metal are used to make khadaus with intricate carvings and these are solemly kept in the puja room for worshipping.