Thursday, December 25, 2008

Siddha Putrajeeva Mala

Putrajeeva Mala
Siddha Putrajeeva Mala / rosary
This Putrajeeva Mala charged by Shashti Devi Mantra which is security-guard of childrens. Putra prapti Mala is also known as putra jeevi Mala. This Siddha Putrajeeva Mala /rosary is made with the seeds of fruit of Putrajeeva tree. It is believed that this Siddha Putrajeeva Mala/rosary has the power of bestowing the wearer with a son. Mantra of Jupiter, Sun or Santangopal and all those Mantras which are recited with the wish of having desired offspring can be recited on it. This Putrajeeva Mala gives blessings from Godess Shasthi Devi.