Thursday, December 25, 2008

Siddha Kayakalp Mala

Kayakalp mala
Siddha Kaya kalp mala
Beneficial for..... removal of evil thoughts and energy
This Kaya kalp mala is charged by Bhairav mantra. Kaya Kalp rosary removes evil thoughts and creates virtuous thinking in the mind of a person. Siddha Kaya kalp mala alleviate the diseases and demerits and proves to be helpful in fulfilling the desires of the person. The person, who wears it, feels energetic and his physical capability gets enhanced. The rosary is very much useful for those who don't have confidence and faith over themselves. Love between a couple to enhanced it they wear this rosary. This Siddha Kaya kalp mala also helps a person have interest in religious activities. A person, who wears this rosary, gets name and fame in the society. Wearing this Siddha Kaya kalp mala or rosary makes a man more humble and he starts thinking that every body is good.