Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Siddha Copper Ashta Vinayaka Vessel

Ashta Vinayaka Copper (Lota) Vessel
Siddha Ashta Ganesh Copper (Lota/kalash) Vessel
Benefecial for all kind of puja and sadhana, anushthaan.
This Ashta Ganesh Copper Vessel is charged by Ganesh mantra. Beautiful Indian Puja An exclusive and uniquely designed 'kalash' or copper vessel used for holding water during worship of gods and goddesses, with or without, a coconut and mango leaves. The designer has engraved eight images of the 'Ashta-Vinayaka' or Ganesha, which are found in the eight holy temples of the pilgrim towns dedicated to this God in the state of Maharashtra.It is an useful instrument for doing Puja.