Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Siddha Havan Kunda

Havan Kunda
Havan Kund for puja and sadhana
This Havan Kunda charged by Mata Swaha Mantra. We are doing all kinds of Havan and Puja in this Havan Kunda. Beautiful Indian Puja The fire sacrifice or havan is regarded as the most ancient and important religious ritual practiced in India extending back to Vedic times. It is a potent cleanser of the energy within an environment, and practiced regularly it brings good luck, healing and prosperity to the home. indiayogi is pleased to offer the fire altar traditionally employed in the fire sacrifice. Known as a Havan Kund, it is constructed in the traditional material of copper as required by the scriptures. Each Havan Kund also comes with an inbuilt copper stand, both for safety reasons as well as for the spiritual requirement that a fire sacrifice take place at a level, or platform, that transcends the mundane ordinary plane. (Large public sacrifices are performed in a fire-pit as a platform is difficult to make at that scale.) This is the authentic Havan Kund for home worship. You can enter into a tradition of Vedic worship that has remained alive and significant for over three millennia. Each Havan Kund comes as a set with two traditionally constructed rosewood ladles to pour the offerings into the fire altar. The smaller ladle is used for ghee and other liquids while the larger one is employed for greater volume as well as making the solid offerings like fruits and flowers.