Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Siddha Copper Vessel

Copper (Lota) Vessel
Siddha Copper (Lota/kalash) Vessel
Benefecial for all kind of pujan,sadhana and anushthaan.
This Copper (Lota) Vessel is charged by Ganesh mantra.Beautiful for Puja An exclusive and uniquely designed copper 'kalash' or vessel meant to hold the water, and also a coconut and mango leaves placed in the rim, during rituals and worship of the gods and goddesses. This ornate 'kalash' is embossed with representations of the nine gods who preside over the nine planets of Hindu astrology. Appeasing the deities who rule these planets is an essential duty of every pious person to ensure general well-being and prosperity.It is also used for doing puja at Karva Chauth.