Thursday, December 25, 2008

Siddha Green Hakik Mala

Green Hakik Mala

Siddha Green hakik Mala
Beneficial for... to get rid of negative energy and negative thoughts
This Green hakik Mala is charged by Budh Mantra. Green hakik (agate) is well-known for its healing influence and it is a stone of primary importance to Orientals. Highly regarded as a peaceful stone, Siddha Green hakik Mala can also be used to help calm nervous minds and rid negative thoughts and energies. Siddha Green hakik Mala is believed by all that it saves the wearer from diseases pertaining to heart & abdomen. Siddha Green hakik Mala can be used as japa mala in various sadhanas. Specially beneficial if a person is suffering from harmful mercury effects (planet Budh) in his horoscope as green hakik can be used as substitute of emerald.