Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Siddha Sacred Red Thread

This Siddha Sacred Red Thread or Mauli (Kalawa) charged by Ganesha Mantra. Mouli or Kalawa is a cotton red thread roll, considered to be very sacred and used in all religious purposes of the Hindus. The thread is used as an offering of cloth to the deity. The Mouli thread is an integral part of any puja. Normally the Mouli is tied around the Sadhana article, that is, Mouli is tied around a copper tumbler filled with water. On its mouth is placed five mango leaves and a coconut in a red cloth is place it over the mouth of the tumbler. The pandits tell us to wear this Red Thread in right hand who are married and those who are not married they wear in left hand.This represents the shrine you are offering puja. Next, before the start of the puja, the red sacred thread is tied around the wrist of the members of the family.