Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learn Pranik Healing

Learn Pranik healing
Art of Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is the use of the universal life energy, also known as prana, to create health and well-being. Pranic healing works by correcting energy imbalances and blockages, removing used-up or diseased energy and replacing it with fresh prana. Depending on the particular condition of the patient, healing often happens almost instantly. Frequently, patients who experience such quick results are so impressed that they study to become Pranic healers themselves. For this reason, the field of pranic healing is growing quickly internationally.Pranic healing is not only helpful in clearing physical conditions, but Pranic healing is also very helpful in treating psychological and psycho-spiritual disorders. Western medicine has considerable knowledge about the physical body - the body and organs that we can see and touch directly. However we also know that there is an energy body that exists with it. Pranic healers sometimes refer to the energy body as the biosplasmic body. The most well-known part of the biosplasmic body is the aura. Some people are able to see auras naturally. They usually see it as a glowing coloured area around someone. When they see the aura of a healthy person they see it as a glowing field of white light and pure colours. However, when the aura of an unhealthy person is studied, the area around the unhealthy part is often seen as being depleted, congested, or appearing tangled, torn or 'dirty'. In other words, the health of the body is reflected in the health of the aura.
By treating the physical body the aura responds and also becomes healthy, but the exciting part of this is that the process actually works both ways. So, when you treat the energy body the physical body responds and this is how pranic healing helps the body heal itself. Further study into pranic healing will explain much more about how this process works Pranic healing can heal many ailments by itself, sometimes with immediate results, but it also works particularly well when used in association with regular medicine. We wish to make it clear that in all cases of serious and persisting problems, a qualified medical doctor must be consulted.