Saturday, April 25, 2009

Siddha Mata Dhumavati Japa and Havan

Maata Dhumavati havan
Siddha Mata Dhumavati Japa and havan
Beneficial for... all round Success in your way.
Maata Dhumavati havan is too powerful paddhati for success in life. The upasana of Maata Dhumavati is made during the night. The place for upasana is cemetery, where Sadhaka should perform puja with naked body except underwear or it should be a lonely place. Maata Dhumavati is not commonly known. Maata Dhumavati has fat body, eyes are fierce, wears dirty clothes, has dry hairs. Due to old age has bend in her spinal chord. A person is to perform one lac japa on the 14th day of lunar phase during Krishna Pakasha (During Nights) in solitude, or in the cremation ground or in the forest by observing fast and remaining silent the whole day and night. Maata Dhumavati havan is beneficial for all round success. For Dhumavati Japa and havan, we chant 11001 Japa and 10 % havan of chant.