Friday, April 3, 2009

Siddha Purush Shukta Pujan

Purush Sukta Puja
Siddha Purush Sukta Pujan
Beneficial for delay in marriage, removing physical problems.
If there is a delay in progeny or parenthood, without any physical problem and every time some complication arises, then the Purush Sukta Puja is done. The Purush Sukta Puja is done for Putra-Labh. This Purush Sukta Puja is conducted on the person's name to get a child. Those who are expecting can also perform this Purush Sukta Puja for healthy child. We offer this Purush Sukta Puja on behalf of the person as per the requirement. We are performing this puja for you in tantrik methods, in tantrik method the puja which is done are very powerful.