Thursday, April 23, 2009

Siddha Crystal Vishnu Idol

Crystal Vishnu
Siddha Crystal Vishnu idol
Beneficial for... Increasing wealth and Giving Family peace.
This Crystal Vishnu idol charged by Vishnu mantra. Vishnu is a solar god and as the second god of the trinity he plays the role of the great preserver. In Hinduism as we have it today the worshippers of Vishnu and his ten avatars are by far the most popular sects, with temples in every village and town of the land. In the Hindu pantheon Vishnu is probably the most benign deity and deeply loved by the people because of his compassionate character. He is a benevolent, caring god who listens to your prayers, understands your dilemmas, forgives your sins and offers salvation and mercy. His worship has a joyful, affectionate character with devotees swaying to songs and even dancing during puja and the offering of flowers incense and food. Keep this Siddha Crystal Vishnu idol in worship place or office.