Friday, April 24, 2009

Siddha Bagalamukhi Japa and Havan

Bagalamukhi Havan
Siddha Bagalamukhi Japa and havan
Beneficial for hidden enemy, Blackmagic problems, evil eye.
Offering of Maata Bagalamukhi Japa and havan to Maata Bagalamukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing a harm against you. It is also believed that by offering Bagalamukhi Japa and havan to Mata Bagalamukhi somebody can get a relief from legal problems; person can get rid of being the victim of an adverse incidents; can avoid the possibility of accidents, blood shed and even an anticipated unnatural Death. It is believed that to win over enemies, Bagalamukhi can act as a perfect weapon ... ... Maata Bagalamukhi destroys your all sorts of enemies. Mata Bagalamukhi paralyze enemy's speech, Bagalamukhi Japa and havan can destroy an enemy's intellect, destroys enemy's mal-intention for doing wrong things and doing of Harm against someone. Mata Bagalamukhi has the power to Remove of the effect of Black Magic. Offering of Bagalamukhi Japa and havan to Mata Bagalamukhi may treat your enemies well by destroying their sense of Mischief against you and making them friendlier to you and saving you from the effect of Black Magic and Evils eye. To get the victory in a legal issues, offering of Bagalamukhi Japa and havan to Maata Bagalamukhi may play a really very Vital Role. Maata Bagalamukhi has the power of turning things into its opposite. Maata Bagalamukhi can turn silence into speech, ignorance into knowledge, defeat into a victory, ugliness into beauty, poverty into wealth, Selfishness to friendliness. Bagalamukhi Japa and havan also unfold the reality behind the appearance and save us from being deceived by something and by someone. For Bagalamukhi Japa and havan, we chant 11001 Japa and 1/10 havan.