Thursday, April 23, 2009

Siddha Crystal Saraswati Idol

Crystal Saraswati
Siddha crystal Saraswati idol
Beneficial for..... Knowledge, Education, intellect, speech and join through education.
This crystal Saraswati idol is charged by saraswati beej mantra "AING". Maata Saraswati is controller of Education, intellect, speech and join through education. One gains all these things including fame by offering worship to this yantra. By constant worship of Goddess Saraswati one becomes learned, famous and praise from all. Knowledge is power. Everybody needs enhance their knowledge through various ways like academic pursuits, private studey of religious/ spiritual treatises etc. From Vedic times, Goddess Saraswati is regard as the giver of wisdom. Maata Saraswati is also referred as Vak devi (goddess of speech) and Sakala kaladhishtatri goddess bestowing alll the art forms. For acquiring spiritual wisdom also, the grace of Goddess Saraswati very essential. Keep in office or home.