Friday, April 24, 2009

Siddha Mahakali Japa and Havan

Mahakali Japa and Havan
Siddha Maata Kali Japa and havan
Beneficial for.... heart related problems, enemy, family peace, vashikaran, attraction.
Maata Mahakali is 1st of Mahavidyas. Time is the great force of change and the rhythm of our life. Time, or kala, is birth and death, growth and decay, which is the essence of our existence. The Supreme Time-force or shakti of kala is Kali. Kali is also the prana or life-force within us. In order for the new to come into being, we have to let go of the old. So time is both creation and destruction. Kali Japa and havan helps us destroy the attachments in our life so that we gain mastery over time. Kali is also Life and Death, which are movements in time. To worship Her, we must die daily, that is, death of all our worries, ambitions, cares, anxieties, loves and hates. Before sleeping if we empty our minds of all this, we are born again the next day, fresh and new. Kali is death of the separate self. Kali Japa and havan also relates to the element of air, and the lightning force that is in the atmosphere. Maata Mahakali is located in the heart chakra of the human body. For Kali Japa and havan, we chant 11001 Japa and 10 % havan of chant.