Friday, April 3, 2009

Siddha Lord Rama Pujan

Lord Rama Puja
Siddha Lord Rama Pujan
Beneficial for... Self control, mental peace, destroy the evil forces, respect to the scholars and the elders.
Shri Rama is known as the seventh incarnation of Shri Vishnu. Rama, the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Vishnu, has always been popular among the Hindu deities. Rama is the symbol of courtesy and virtue, a man of values and morals. Ramachandra is Maryada Purushottama, which means the perfect man. Lord Rama is considered to have taken birth on the earth to destroy the evil forces of the age.
Shri Rama was a paragon of virtues. Shri Rama was not only kind and affectionate but generous and considerate of feelings for all around him. Shri Rama had a marvelous physique and captivating manners. Shri Ram had a magnanimous personality. He was extremely noble, generous, chivalrous and fearless. He was very simple and absolutely free from flamboyance.
Shri Rama is considered as a son unequalled in the world, and resembled Dasaratha in each and every aspect of good qualities. He never spoke a lie throughout his life. He always offered respect to the scholars and the elders, people loved him and he adored the people. His body was transcendental and outstanding. He was eloquent, attractive and adjustable to circumstances. He knew the heart of each and every human being on the earth (being omniscient). He had all the conceivable qualities of a king's son and was dear to the people as their own hearts.
Shri Rama was endowed with incredible transcendental qualities. The earth personified adored him, who was possessor of such virtues, who was indomitable, who was brave, and who was the unequalled Lord of all. To put succinctly, Shri Rama's life was a life of holy compliance, of stainless purity, of matchless simplicity, praiseworthy contentment, commendable self-sacrifice and remarkable renunciation. Do Shri Rama puja for Self control, mental peace, destroy the evil forces, respect to the scholars and the elders.