Saturday, April 25, 2009

Siddha Varaha Japa and Havan

Varaha Japa and Havan
Siddha Varaha Japa and Havan or Yagna
Beneficial for... Removing Vastu Dosha and Increasing Wealth.
This Varaha Japa and Havan is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu .This Varaha Japa and Havan is done to remove ill effects of not constructing a house according to the tenets of the Vastu Sastra, which prescribes various principles and techniques for constructing houses and temples. Houses, which are not built according to this science, are said to invite various problems like diseases, marital disharmony, problems in the family, loss in business etc. These problems could be overcome by performing the Bhoo varaha Havan , more simply called the Bhoo varaha Havan . This Varaha Japa and Havan is performed as a part of Grihapravesa (house warming) ceremonies for the overall happiness for those who live in the house. For Varaha Japa and havan, we chant 10001 Japa and 10 % havan of chant.